Manage all your commercial real estate data for both equity and debt, in a single platform.

Your solution for both equity and debt investments.

Pereview is the only asset management solution that supports the Life of the Asset by centralizing all your data.

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Built by Real Estate for Real Estate.

Pereview is not a software company that’s trying to understand the Real Estate industry. Rather, our leadership team comes from the industry, having previously solved these problems before and have built the best software program. At Pereview, you’re not just purchasing software, you’re also getting the Pereview team to help you with best practices and other ways to maximize the value of your portfolios.

The only solution supporting the entire Life of the Asset for both Debt and Equity.

Pereview is the only Life of the Asset platform supporting both the business and technical requirements, creating a trusted single source of the truth. With Pereview, you will break down the information siloes that any step of your investment lifecycle, between internal departments and external partners.
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A software solution tailored for commercial real estate.

Support both teams with one platform.

We know it’s difficult to run a business when your resources are split down the middle. Now you can combine information from both sides of your business (debt and equity) into one platform. Make your real estate data visible to both teams for you to see overlapping opportunities.

Advanced analytics at your fingertips

Monitor your data, down to the smallest detail

Manage your data through out the capital stack - from Fund level down to the granular details of the Lease level. Track transaction information from the beginning of a deal until closing.

Fast reporting - at the push of a button

Access your data and filter it as you need to extract even more insight – including predictive analytics. Save up to 90% of time spent on quarterly reports, management reports, and ad-hoc queries by having one place to get all your data.

Enjoy custom made software, without the price tag

Custom Report

Pereview fits your business, not the other way around. Out-of-the-box reports are available but are completely configurable. With Pereview, you can add your calculations and terminology to any report.

KPIs that support your business

Review all your KPIs - financial metrics, tenancy information, and more - at the same time, in any layout you choose.

Excel Modeling Framework

Pereview connects to your trusted models (Valuation, Underwriting, Budget, Waterfall) for secure two-way transfer of clean data including projected cash flows, exit assumptions, cap rates and more.

Held to a higher standard with Cybersecurity.

The trust criteria we uphold with our SOC2 certification focus on the security and availability of your data. Meaning data within your Pereview database has a strong defense against any cyberattacks, but is easy to access within your team. You can be sure that important information related to your business remains confidential.
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