Commercial Real Estate professionals trust Pereview Software to improve their data integrity throughout the life of the asset, maximizing the time and talent spent driving investment performance.

Partner with your vendor

Pereview is built by real estate veterans who have lived your troubles firsthand and have developed a software platform to address them. Other vendors who think they have a solution to your problems have never experienced the long late hours, night after night, struggling through it all.

  • No other CRE provider understands your real estate data the way Pereview does.
  • We will customize your reports and dashboards to your unique process

We refused to just buy software. We needed to invest in a partnership. The team at Pereview understands our challenges … having come from the industry, they know how to help us more than any other vendor simply pushing software in this space.

Testimonial Item

Matt Fiotta

Director of Portfolio Technology & Asset Management Intercontinental Real Estate Corp

Make your Debt an Asset

Pereview is the only vendor in Real Estate who is truly solving for both debt and equity in one platform. Pereview supports:

  • Loan level cashflows and amortization schedules
  • Debt investments across the entire spectrum (Senior, Mezzanine, Construction, Debt as Equity, etc.)
  • Interest only loans, amortizing loans, fixed and floating rate loans
  • Advanced reporting on covenants (DSCR, LTV, LTC, etc.)

We needed a software platform to integrate our diversified investment portfolios. We researched many of the commercial real estate software providers. Pereview stood out because of its commitment to work with us to customize a system with the focus on both debt and equity as an investment.

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Tammy K. Jones

CEO & Founder Basis Investment Group

CRE business and tech, all in one place

Pereview consolidates all the information you need throughout the Life of the Asset into one easily accessible platform. With Pereview you can:

  • Integrate your systems to have your data collect all in one place
  • Validate your data’s accuracy
  • Enhance your reporting capabilities
  • Analyze, model, and report your data.

We tried ‘the other guys’ … Pereview is the only Life-of-the-Asset platform supporting both the business and the technical requirements creating a trusted single source of the truth.”

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Michael Hoyt

Senior VP of Asset Management PCCP, LLC